ST Mint: Opensource Unix for Atari ST

ST Mint is a FreeMiNT distribution which provides an opensource Unix environment for the 16/32 bits Atari line of computers. The target platform are Atari ST(E) and Mist FPGA board with at least 4 MB of RAM, 512MB SD Card drive, ST High Resolution.

ST Mint is distributed in the form of a ready to boot disk image, to use for instance with Lotharek's UltraSatan drive

Disk image

Download: ACSI disk image

Writing the media

Using ST Mint

First Boot

After inserting the media in your Ultrasatan device, your ST should boot into ST Mint. The boot sequence is quite long, and will start in the end the XaaES graphical environment with the TeraDesk desktop. When using a 4MB machine, you should have around 1MB of RAM free for applications.

Try out multitasking

Click on COMMAND.TOS, and 2048.APP and notice the two apps running simultaneously. Such a thing is not possible using the standard Atari TOS.

Try out a Unix shell

Click on the Desk menu =โ‡’ TosWin2 =โ‡’ File =โ‡’ Start shell and enjoy /bin/mksh, a Korn shell clone. Note that due to the very limited hardware of the ST compared to current standards, you can at most only run simple Unix command line tools.

Play some PCM Audio (Atari STE with 8MB RAM minimum)

After a starting Unix shell, you can play on the command line some music files, courtesy of my previous Live Dub bands. From the Unix shell:

cd /d/demodata
fplay *

With an emulator

Use the downloaded .img file as an emulated ACSI device, and just boot. If you use the Hatari emulator, it would be:

hatari --acsi st_mint-1.4.img
What's inside
Bugs and limitations

See the Roadmap on github. For General Questions, please use this thread on the Atari Forums. For Bug Reports, use the Contruction Kit Bug Tracker

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