• Get the roms
mkdir -p $HOME/mess/roms
mkdir $HOME/mess/software-to770
cd roms
wget http://www.di.ens.fr/~mine/mess/bios/thomroms2.zip
unzip thomroms2.zip
  • Test the roms
 mess -verifyroms | grep ^romset
romset to7 is good
romset to770 is good
romset to770a [to770] is good
romset mo5 is good
  • Get the Logo Rom Cartridge from the DCMoto emulator website:
wget http://dcmoto.free.fr/programmes/logo/logo_memo7.zip
  • Get the thomson to7/70 basic and arcanoid game
cd software-to770
wget http://www.di.ens.fr/~mine/mess/software/to770/basic.m7
wget http://lair.thomsonistes.org/to7/jeux/k7/arkanoid.zip
unzip arkanoid.zip
  • Start an emulated to7/70 with game Arkanoid from cassette image
mess -keymap -keymap_file /usr/share/games/mess/keymaps/km-de.txt to770 -cart basic.m7 -cass ARKANOID.K7

* Start an emulated to8 with Sapiens Game from floppy image

mess -keymap -keymap_file /usr/share/games/mess/keymaps/km-de.txt to8 -flop1 sapiens_to8.fd
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